Friday, 5 December 2014

infertility treatment in india 

Infertility is very common these days so to detect what is the cause of this problem we have to detect it and it is possible with the help of some test like male infertility test and female infertility test now I am writing this article step by step describing that what are the steps one should has to follow so that we can fight against infertility
First of all we have to find some good centre for our treatment
So lets start with the first step how we will find the good centre we have to type the keyword Fertility centre in india if we are like from cities like Chandigarh I have to write Ivf centre in India and if we are from Amritsar we have to type Ivf centre in Amritsar,infertility center in india
So these are the keywords through which one should find the good centre but along with that we have also to search about the doctor and the hospital or centre to which we are going for the treatment
  1. We have to find that how many cases that centre has done?
  2. What is the success rate of the cases?
  3. How much does doctor charge for this treatment
  4. How much is the success ratio of the previous case done in that centre?
  5. Is that centre have good lab that can provide the good result
  6. Is that centre has good embryologist because result depends upon the embryologist
So these are some doubts first we have to clear from the doctor rite now today many patient takes the package till pregnancy and that is one of the best option I think. Because when you take good package you will freely go for treatment with the doctor because the medicine expense is much in ivf treatment and according to me we should take some package that one is best option for this problem
Other than IVF those who are not able to conceive through this they can go for surrogacy that is also one of the best option actually in ivf the chance is there means the success rate matters and it is not hundered percent method that the couple definelty conceive through it but it is we can say good process but not 100% sure method so those couple who are not able to conceive through this they have option that is surrogacy that one is good option but cost involve in that is too high
So some couple due to cost issue unable to go for this treatment . in IVf some times the chances of multiple pregnancy is also one issue so to avoid all these factors we have to take care that while selecting the centre we choose one of the best centre that can cure our problem and also the centre has not so high charges and it has nominal charges and the centre is one of the best centre we can say in india.infertility treatment in india

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