Monday, 15 December 2014

infertility center in india 

Infertility is the problem due to which the couple is missing the chance of feeling the parenthood. So the infertility is the problem which is only and only reason the childless of the couple. So what are the treatments to fight against the infertility
I am going to write an example of the woman who is 30 years old she has a baby . who she overcome the problem of infertility
She was a business women and she was working and she busy in the work after her marriage she and her husband decided to go for the child. They have done their best but not able to conceive. So they decided to go for the treatment. They visited a lot of doctors but they were not able to found one of the best solutions so they decided to went for some research work.
They started research on Google and they have started the research by typing the keyword. fertility treatment in India, infertility center in India they have start searching on Google a list of thousand of centre’s appear they were confused what they have done to choose for the rite doctor let discuss the steps.

1 :they went for the website analysis
2 :they wrote their query like how much is the cost? And how they have to follow the procedure? And how much sittings they have to give?

3: they got the reply from different doctors and they compare the replies and who has given them good and best reply they went for the sofat infertility centre. Which is located at the Ludhiana city and if you visited the centre there you meet Dr sumita sofat  who has done a good job during her practice at  Sofat centre . 

So they decided to visit the centre.
They went there and the doctor done some basic test and after the test the doctor cleared the condition that they have this problem and after that they decided to went for the treatment the doctor told that there was no such much expense they have to go for the IVF treatment. They went for the IVF treatment
IVF Treatment has following steps
1 the release of the eggs        
2 the fertilization of the egg
3 The Transfer of the embryo
So these are some basic steps I have listed above  which we can say are mandatory for the treatment
Than after IVF they have a baby.
 so this is the procedure the couple has followed and they are very happy and they have written a testimonial for the doctor
At the starting when we are in search of good centre we felt very hapless as we were not able to found some good centre than with the help of Google we found soft centre for infertility and we are very happy there they have treatments like IVF, IUI, ICSI all the treatments they have and daily many patients visit their centre they were very happy to visit the centre.

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