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Several birth control methods can play with the fertility of both men and women. After the gap of 5 to 10-15 years or more, when a couple has enjoyed everything in life by avoiding or neglecting child birth so as not to get bound with the associated responsibilities with it, starts thinking to plan a baby. But there are some effects of birth control methods on the fertility of man as well woman, due to which they need to start the infertility treatment.
In this article we are going to focus on every contraceptive method adopted by man and its consequences on his fertility health.
Men can refrain from being father by adopting a notion called planned parenthood. A man can follow some birth control options like abstinence (which is very hard for a man), condoms, vasectomy, withdrawal and outercourse.
We can understand all of them one by one and understand how they can lead to fertility problems due to which a couple may need to consult an infertility specialist based upon the problem encountered. Now lets discuss all methods of contraception one by one in context of males:
1.      Abstinence: this is basically to avoid any sex with the vagina of the lady partner. This can be done by following other love measures apart from vaginal intercourse. This method is sometimes by men as killing sex drive and thus doing male masturbation himself. This method thus gives no infertility problems to men and women and thus no infertility treatment is required.
2.      Condoms: this is a special plastic substance which is worn by a male during intercourse. This condom is sometimes also made up of latex and is molded as flexible to adjust the shape of common sized penis. For Africans and Asians different size of condoms are suggested. Condoms used during sex intercourse should be of good quality so as to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases (SID’s) like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. During ejaculation, the semen and related material gets collected into the condom. Thus no effect on fertility of a man is made with its usage in fact the fertility is boosted as there is no fear of transmission of STD’s,
3.      Outercouse: it is like playing sex but with no vaginal ejaculation by man. Its similar to abstinence but no penetration is done in vagina while doing all other sexual activities. It has no affect on the fertility of a man.
4.      Vasectomy: this is minor surgical procedure and its effects are irreversible. Thus a person can’t turn fertile again after this procedure.
5.      Withdrawal: A man who utilizes withdrawal will haul his penis out of the vagina before discharge — the minute when semen spurts out of his penis. Withdrawal is otherwise called sex interruptus and the haul out technique. This does not put any bad impact on fertility of a man.
Some infertility specialists suggest that as soon as a man quits birth control method adopted by him, then with few exceptions his fertility can be restored as before. It just means that fertility level will set back to the same point as his fertility level was before adopting any contraceptive. But some other factors like age, life style, environment in which a person lives and the diet patterns as well as any new bad habit like smoking and alcohol added in the routine can harm the fertility as well. When a man turns infertile then infertility treatment can be considered.

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