Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Male Ivf Infertility

Aluminum reduces sperm quality and sperm count, according to results of a new scientific study published in the medical journal Reproductive Toxicology. The increased exposure of humans to environmental pollutants, including aluminum, could be responsible for the deterioration of sperm quality observed over the past decades in industrialized countries.

Researchers from the University Hospital of Saint-Etienne, Lyon and the University of Keele (UK) measured the aluminum concentration in the sperm of 62 patients and conducted a preliminary assessment of its impact on quality sperm.

The average aluminum concentration in the semen of 62 controls was quite high. Researchers measured an average of 339 ppb (parts per billion).

The results of the study show that patients with oligospermia (a concentration of abnormally low sperm) had a higher aluminum concentration than that of others.

“There has been a significant decline in male fertility, reduced sperm count among men in industrialized countries in recent decades. Often associated with exposure to endocrine disruptors, it can also be related to the high exposure aluminum "recalls Professor Exley, professor of biochemistry and expert on human exposure to aluminum. "Indeed, human exposure to aluminum has increased dramatically over the same period. And the results of our study seems to show that a high aluminum concentration in human sperm reduces fertility”.Avoid exposure to aluminum.

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