Thursday, 4 February 2016

IVF treatment

IVF treatment has become a tempting technique for the fertilization of female eggs apart from her body. It may include fertilization of own eggs using own sperms or donated eggs as well as sperms.

How to determine the suitability of IVF for you?

IVF may be recommended in case of-

  1.     Unknown infertility
  2.     Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
  3.    Other methods like fertility medicines and insemination could not produce the results
  4.    Fertility issues in male
  5.   Use of donated or frozen eggs
 IVF treatment procedure

In the present time diverse techniques have been found for the IVF treatment depending on the patient condition and reliability of a clinic. Initially you need to fill up various approval forms and then give blood tests for the HIV, hepatitis B C and HTLV diseases. The different steps included in the treatment are-

  1.   Cease natural monthly hormone cycle in female- A medicine is give to cease the natural hormone cycle that is consumed through nasal spray or injection.
  2.   Egg production- A special fertility hormone named gonadotrophin is given on daily basis for almost less than two weeks to increase the count of eggs produced.
  3. Process evaluation- Your physician will determine the process of medicinal treatment by vaginal ultrasound scans and probably through blood tests. The hormone is injected until one day before the eggs collection to ensure their maturity.
  4.  Egg collection – Eggs are often retrieved by ultrasound instructions that includes insertion of a hollow needle to collect the mature eggs from the female’s ovary.
  5.  Eggs fertilization- The eggs collected from the female’s ovary are mixed with male partner’s sperms and cultured in a lab for 16 to 20 hours subsequent to which they are evaluated for their fertilization. The fertilized eggs develop in the lab incubator within 6 days. They are analyzed again for embryo development and the healthiest one is chosen for the placement in female’s body again.
  6. Embryo Transfer- Depending on the conditions your physician will choose to transfer single embryo for the healthiest results. The count of embryos transferred is limited due to the risk of multiple births. A speculum is inserted into female’s vagina that is comparable to a cervical smear, it is used to keep the vagina open to locate the cervix. Thereafter by using a very fine tube embryos are placed into womb. It is a completely painless process so it doesn’t require anesthesia.
In case of fertility disabilities in male, during IVF treatment in India, male is asked to produce sperms during the time of eggs collection. These sperms are rinsed to prepare them and the active one is separated for mixing with the eggs. In case of stored sperms, it is taken from the storage, melted and made active in the similar manner. 

Providing the highest success rates in becoming pregnant, IVF has become the best treatment to overcome any kinds of fertility issues. Following the above mentioned medications and treatment procedures, many of the couples have enjoyed becoming parent. So now it’s your turn!!

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