Monday, 7 September 2015

Born premature after three cycles of assisted reproduction

It was born premature after three cycles of assisted reproduction and three miscarriages. His mother suffers from a severe form of endometriosis, known for crippling 80% by the State. Endometriosis and pregnancy are at odds, and Georgia is incredibly came into the world after a natural conception. Viviana mom is 30 years old and after two laparoscopies to say that even with IVF will have really serious difficulties in having children. In fact with the in vitro fertilization can begin three pregnancies, but unfortunately all interrupted for lack of heartbeat between the seventh and the tenth week.
Blame endometriosis, chronic and complex, originated by the presence of abnormal tissue that lines the inner wall of the uterus (the endometrium that is) in other organs such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, peritoneum, intestines. This causes internal bleeding, recurrent inflammation, scar tissue, adhesions and infertility especially. After many failed attempts Viviana suspends care to recuperate psychologically and physically, her endometriosis worsens but last December surprise becomes pregnant. She and her husband conceive naturally, without the help of science.
Viviana is followed by Dr. Peter Litta Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Hospital, directed by Professor Gianni Nardelli. He is to warn you that the creature she is carrying - a girl - could, because of illness, premature birth. On August 5, Viviana, who has now learned to "listen" to her baby in the womb, he realizes that something is wrong, he does not feel the move as usual. The following day he went to Clinic here and they realize that the child has serious bowel problems, which is filled with liquid. The diagnosis makes the Professor Donato D'Antona: Georgia is serious, it should be born at 32 weeks, compared with the canonical 40.
So is the light at 20.30 by Caesarean section performed by the same Litta and colleague Alessandra Andrisani, at midnight of the same day is made by Dr. Patricia dall'Igna team of Pediatric Surgery directed by Piergiorgio Gamba: 70% of the excise ' intestine; removed 20 cm of necrosis, the two flaps are sewn together to avoid having to apply the external drain.
"Hours dramatic and even days, but Georgia is proof that in life the worst prejudices are judgments: Giorgia is proof that willpower can work wonders," says Cristina Bernardi, president of the PMA that Sos Viviana says three years and is now rejoicing with her for this unexpected, and healthy, pink bow. "This success story makes me very proud because many people think that we push couples to rage at all costs in the search for a child when in fact - reflects Bernardi - we take care of welcoming and giving psychological support especially to those in front of events so devastating risks falling into despair and give up whatever life project. Viviana and her child are proof that science can make mistakes and that life can reserve more surprises. "

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