Thursday, 23 July 2015

Infertility Prolem and Reasons

Infertility is biggest problem for married couple. If they facing problem in pregnancy. IVF is one of the best solutions for infertility problem. IVF stand for Vitro Fertilization.IVF treatment is basically known as minimal stimulation IVF or micro IVF. In this treatment the man's sperm and the lady's egg are joint in a lab plate, and after treatment, the weighty developing life is then put into the lady's uterus.
IVF treatment is best option for infertility men and women. There are lots of factor for infertility problem in men and women.
Reasons of infertility problem in men and women.
Age: Women facing infertility problem due to age. If women over 30 age. She is facing from infertility problem. Men are also suffering from this problem if they are over 40 age.
Tobacco and smoking: Tobacco is not good for heath. If men and women are use tobacco then are they are also facing infertility problem. Smoking is one of the reasons of miscarriage.
Alcohol:  Alcohol also increases the risk of infertility problem in men and women. If men are use heavy alcohol. They are produced less sperm.

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