Thursday, 19 May 2016

Emotional Fight of Infertile Woman

Motherhood is the best shower of God that completes the women but one nightmare of inability to become mother snatches away this happiness.

What happens when woman comes to know that she is infertile?

Unfortunately infertility has become the common problem these days that affect the patient mentally and emotionally. Woman who passes through this feeling can actually fight with her emotion that is hard to win.

·         When a woman came to know that she is infertile then she feels herself cursed and even feels guilty that she cannot give birth to her own child.

·         Woman that remains deprived from the feeling of mother then she feels isolated and even caught by emotional stress. She believes herself alone that is far away from the feeling of motherhood.
·         Anger is the next consequence of the infertility as the woman feels herself incomplete and even feels irritated from other mothers and even from children sometime.

·         Even among the children infertile woman feels uncomfortable and does not like to face them so avoid going in the families or friends that are having kids.

·         Getting pregnant taken for granted feeling of each woman so she feels heartbroken when she came to know that this granted blessing is get snatched from her. So it may lead to depression also in extreme cases

·         Some women lose their interest and level of pleasure in sexual relationships.

·         In few cases it has been observed that women take it as prospective to get pregnant and set it priority and ignore the rest of life.

What to do in fight of infertility?

Infertile women must be supported emotionally and mentally by their families especially by life partner and after that must consult the experts for solutions like IVF treatment for baby.

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